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This page is designed to assist businesses wishing to obtain brown and white or blue and white directional signposting to their premises to determine their eligibility and which authority they need to approach about the approvals and application process.

The first step a business needs to take is to determine whether their preferred location for the signposting would be situated on a state controlled or locally controlled road.  Generally  state roads correspond to the primary network and include all "highways" and many other major classified roads.  Local governments have delegated responsibility for the installation of signs on regional roads (the rest of the classified road network) and are wholly responsible for local roads.

State Controlled Roads

Signposting on the state controlled roads is co-ordinated by TASAC (Tourist Attraction Signposting Advisory Committee) utilising the NSW Tourist Signposting Manual for the approvals process.  TASAC is made up of representatives from Tourism New South Wales, the New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority, Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) and a Secretariat.  All TASAC members participate equally in the assessment process and in providing feedback to any individual or group making representations to TASAC.  

Their key activities include:  

  • Developing Tourist Signposting Policy for New South Wales
  • Assessing applications for tourist signposting to determine their eligibility
  • Providing input to National Tourist Signposting policy
  • Consultation with other agencies to develop strategies and identify priorities in implementation of signposting initiatives 
  • Project Management of Signposting initiatives across the State
  • Communication of Tourist Signposting policy, initiatives and issues to stakeholders Quality control of Tourist Signposting

Version 3 of the State Tourism Signposting Manual:

  • outlines the requirements which must be satisfied for individual establishments, features or places to be classified as major tourist attractions and therefore eligible for tourist signs
  • outlines the requirements which must be satisfied for broader forms of tourist attraction ‘product’ such as tourism regions and areas, tourist drives and themed tourist routes to be eligible for the range of available tourist signs
  • outlines the general principles for the design and siting treatment of signposting, which are similar for all classifications of roads in New South Wales i.e. State, regional and local
  • provides details of signposting types which can be used
  • aligns with National Standards through Tourism New South Wales / RTA representation on the Australian Standing Committee on Tourism (ASCOT) National Tourist Signposting Working Party

Tourism attractions within the Local Government Area (LGA) that wish to have signage on a State controlled road are required to submit an application to TASAC for approval.

Further information about TASAC can be obtained by clicking here.

TASAC does not have control over signposting on secondary roads that fall under the relevant Local Government Authority.

Secondary Roads

To support the State Tourism Signposting Manual and facilitate ease of direction to attractions and services within the LGA, Maitland City Council has developed signposting guidelines. The purpose of developing local guidelines was:

  1. To provide consistent, high quality directional signage to tourism and service establishments and other signage located ‘within the road reserve’
  2. To allow for advertising signage ‘off the road reserve’ that is informative and effective for the business or establishment but sympathetic with the immediate surrounds and environment.
  3. To create a quick, easy and efficient application process

The system operates on a user pays basis with applicants required to cover  full costs of manufacture and installation for signs plus a 10% administration fee.  In addition, maintenance is undertaken on an as needs basis and charged at full cost recovery to the applicant.

A copy of the Maitland City Council Guidelines for Tourist Attractions and Services Signage can be obtained by clicking here.

If you require any further information or assistance contact Maitland Tourism on 02 4931 2800 or e: info@maitlandhuntervalley.com.au